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RSS stands for "really simple syndication". The Wix RSS Widget allows you to collect and publish frequently updated content onto your site automatically and helps you keep your users updated on the happenings of your blogs, podcasts, news and more. Watch the video tutorial and read the instructions below to add an RSS feed to your site.

Adding an RSS Feed to Your Wix Site

You can easily add an RSS feed to your site.

To add an RSS feed to your Wix site:

1. From the blog or news site, click on the RSS feed icon.
If you don't know how to find the RSS feed, check out the first question in our FAQ's section below for more information (How do I find an RSS feed URL?)
2. Copy the RSS feed URL.
3. From your Wix editor, roll over Add and go to Widgets. Click RSS.
4. From the RSS Gallery, click an RSS widget.

5. Drag the RSS widget onto your site.
6. Click on the widget to select it and from the property panel on the right, click RSS.
7. Next to RSS Feed URL, paste the URL that you copied in Step 2 above. Click Apply.

Your RSS feed appears on your site.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find an RSS feed URL?

You can find this URL by clicking on RSS, RSS Feed or XML icons on the site. Once you have clicked on the icon, copy the URL. The following are examples of RSS feed icons:

If you are copying an RSS feed from your blog and your blog is an https site or is set to private, you will not be able to use the RSS feed on your site.

For more information about finding RSS feeds from specific sites, try one of the below links:

Blogger (a.k.a. Blogspot)



Can I show my most recent updates from Twitter?

Twitter no longer allows RSS feeds, but you can try using the HTML Widget to display your most recent updates from Twitter. Click here for more details.


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