• Adding Text

    Text on your site provides your users with necessary information about who you are and what your website is all about. Text and content are also very important for the SEO of your site. You can easily add, edit or delete text on your website with the Wix Editor!

    If you have prepared your text in another document, first copy and paste it into a Notepad or other .txt program, or into a blank "plain text" email. This cleans up unnecessary codes and information that are added automatically to text by some programs. Copy the text from the plain text document into your Wix Editor.

    Adding a Title

    To add a title:
    1. From the left side of the Editor, go to Add, then go to Text, click Titles.
    2. From the Titles Gallery, click a title style.

    3. Double-click inside the title box that appears in your Editor to edit the text.

    4. Delete the highlighted text and type in your own.

    A title is added to your website.

    The larger the font is for your Titles, the better it is for your SEO. For more information about SEO, click here.

    Adding a Paragraph

    To add a paragraph:
    1. From the left side of the Editor, go to Add, then go to Text, click Paragraphs.
    2. From the Paragraphs Gallery, click a paragraph style.

    3. Double-click inside the paragraph box that appears in your Editor to edit the text.

    4. Delete the highlighted text and type in your own.

    A paragraph is added to your website.

    * Please note that there is a character limit in a single paragraph. You will receive a notice when you are close to the limit.

  • Editing Text

    You can easily edit the titles and paragraphs on your site.

    To edit text:
    1. Double-click the title or paragraph to edit the text.

    2. From the text box, delete and type in your own text.

    The text on your site changes.

  • Deleting Text

    If you would like to completely remove a title or paragraph, you can simply delete the entire text box!

    To delete text:
    1. Click on the title or paragraph to select it.

    2. Press Delete on your keyboard.
    Your text box disappears.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    I can't use/type my language in the Wix editor - what do I do?
    For non-English languages, we encourage that you try the following:
    1. Use Browser Text: Text > Paragraphs > Browser.
    Browser Text works for most languages, but it doesn't work for all of them. Currently, only Times New Roman, Arial, Courier New and Tahoma fonts are available with Browser Text.
    2. Save your text as a picture. Save the text as a .jpg in a graphic editing program, and upload it to your Wix document in .jpg format.
    Alternately, if you know how to use a program such as Adobe Photoshop, you can save your text as a .png file with a transparent background and upload it this way.
    3. Upload a Word or PDF document of your text to your Editor. This document will then be available for download by your users.
    See below for characters that Wix currently supports. Non-English characters that are supported by Wix will work in text boxes and paragraphs, but they may not work in photo or product galleries.We are working on improving Wix's language compatibility and will update you with new additions as they become available.
    Please note that Flash does not support right-to-left text and so on Wix Flash sites using right-to-left text may not work properly. Important SEO note for right-to-left text: If you type your text backwards into the Editor (when using Simple Text or Titles) so that it appears "normal" to users, the text will still come out backwards in the source code. However, this is not true for Browser Text. Using Browser Text is the best solution for right-to-left languages as the text will appear correctly both in the document and in the source code.

    You can try using Alt codes to add symbols and letters. You can find a list of Alt codes here. You can find instructions on how to use Alt codes here.

    What does "Selectable" mean OR Why can people copy my text in my Wix outside the editor OR How come when I select text on my live Wix site does it move/jump/disappear?

    By default, any text you add in the Wix editor to your creations will be "selectable" i.e a visitor to your site can select it with their mouse (and copy it if they like). However, you can easily change this default and make your text 'un-selectable'.
    Simply select the text item, go to Settings (property panel on right) and uncheck the ‘Selectable’ box.

    How do I add a scrollbar or scroller to my text / paragraphs?

    Simply go to Add > Text > Paragraph > Scrollbar
    It's easy to use.
    Drag & drop it, and customize the size of the Paragraph box.
    Click "edit" to add text, and as you add text longer than the box size, the scrollbar will appear.
    And customize as you like. For instance, use Replace to change skins...

    What does browser text mean? & What to use for foreign languages on Wix
    Browser Text or "crisp" text in Flash:
    - supports almost all languages when they are displayed in browsers such as firefox, explorer...
    - Easier to read when using smaller font sizes
    - Faster to load
    - Slight size variation depending on your site visitor's browser
    Notes: Browser text format only supports Times New Roman, Arial, Courier New and Tahoma fonts.
    Please do not rotate – the text will distort when you publish.

    What fonts do you support?

    You can find all of the fonts when clicking on "Paragraph" or "Text" -> "edit".
    These are the fonts we support: A Lolita Scorned, Anglo Text, Arial, Arial Rounded, Avquest, Barbecue, Billo, Blood Omen, Bobsmade Font, Bored Schoolboy, Cenobyte, Chick, Cloister Black, Comic Sans, Courier New, Deutsche Zierschrift, Earwing Factory, Gabrielle, Graffiti, Gear Proportion, Georgia, Holla, Honey I Stole, Your Jumper, Honey Script, Hot Rod Flames Modified, jGaramond, J Random C, Letter Set A, Lucinda Sans Unicode, Marketing Script, Marketing Script Inline, Marketing Script Shadow, Monotype Corsiva, Noir et Blanc, Nougat, Old English Text, Optimus Princeps, Optimus Princeps Bold, Pez Font, Planet benson 2, Rolling No One, Romantiques, Saddlebag, Sandoval, San Remo, Scrypticali, Spiders, Street Expanded, Street Plain, Subway, Sweep, Tahoma, Teacher A, Times New Roman, Underwood Champion.

    Why isn't my punctuation showing up when I copy/paste into Wix from MS Word?
    To fix this issue:
    After finishing a document in Word 2003:
    1. Save As: "Plain Text".
    2. The File Conversion box appears. Chose "Other Encoding" and slide the scroll bar & select "Unicode".
    3. Select the "Allow Character Substitution Box" (do not do this before step 2).
    4. Close the original Word 2003 document & open the newly saved Notepad document.
    5. Copy and paste the text from the Notepad document into an open Wix textbox.