Site Background

How do I customize the background of the browser?

To customize the background of the browser:

1. From the top menu of your Editor, click Settings.
2. From the Site Settings window, click the Appearance tab.
3. From the Appearance tab, under Site Background Color, click Replace.
4. From the Fill Picker that opens, click a new color. Click Close, then click OK.

Tip: If you know the HTML# of your color you can type it directly into the box

You can find more information here.
Alternately, you can get to the browser background setting this way: in your editor, go to Background (left side) > Site > choose Color > Close > OK.

How do I change the background of my site?

There are two ways to change the background of your site:

1. Go to Background (left side of Editor) > Master Page > choose one.
2. Right click on a picture > choose Set Item as Background.

How can I use my own background?

You can upload your own background by:

1. Upload a photo by going to My Files > Pics > Upload.
2. Add the picture > right click on the mouse > Set as background.

Can I have different background on different Master Pages?

Sure you can! Go to your first Master Page > add a background > add another Master Page > choose another background.
If you want to use the same background on all pages, simply duplicate the first page.

How can I add a background to a Page?

Click on the Page > click on Skins from the property panel on the right > choose a skin > choose a color.

How can I add a background to a paragraph?

Paragraphs do not have a background color, you can use an area/picture and place it behind the paragraph to use as background.

How do I crop a background?

Simply double click on the background and you can crop it manually.

Can I add a frame to my background?

Yes! Go to Background (left side of Editor) > Master Page > Frame > choose a frame. 

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