• Overview

    There are two types of pages on your site: Master Pages and Pages. In your Editor on the right, you will see the Page Manager. The Page Manager lists and organizes all of your Master Pages and Pages. To open up one of your pages and display it in your Editor, simply click on the page from the Page Manager.

    The Master Page provides a framework for your website - it contains your background, menus and Pages. Most websites can be built with one Master Page that contains dynamic Pages within it. Adding and using Master Pages is an advanced feature, however there are times when you may want to add additional Master Pages. Examples include: a multi-language site, a very large site with many Pages where adding more than one Master Page will make it faster to load, and a site with a separate Master Page for your store or blog.

    Pages are a group of multiple pages that you can place inside a Master Page: they allow you to place a lot of content on just one Master Page. The result is smoother transitions from Page to Page and a website with a more professional look. For more information about Pages, click here.

  • Adding a Master Page

    To add a Master Page:

    In the Page Manager on the right of your Editor, click Add Master Page.

    A new Master Page is added to your site.

  • Naming a Master Page

    To name a Master Page:

    1. From the Page Manager to the right of your Editor, roll over the Master Page and click the drop-down menu arrow.
    2. From the drop-down menu, click Rename.

    3. Type in a new Master Page name in the field.

    The name of your Master Page changes.

    Words that have accents cannot be added through the Page Manager. To give your Master Page a name with an accent, simply add a Menu for your Master Pages, then click on the Menu to select it and click Manage from the property panel on the right. You will be able to rename your Master Pages with accents from here! For more information on Menus, click here.

  • Managing your Master Pages

    You can manage the Master Pages that you have added to your site with the Page Manager located to the right of your Editor. The Page Manager allows you to have better control over your Pages and Master Pages.

    To manage a Master Page:

    From the Page Manager on the right, rollover a Master Page and click the drop-down arrow that appears. 

    You have the the following options:

    Rename – rename the selected Master Page.
    Duplicate – duplicate the selected Master Page.
    Password – password-protect your Master Page. Only users with the password to the selected Master Page will be able to access it on your site.
    Delete – delete the selected Master Page.
    Move Up – reorder your Master Pages by moving the selected Master Page up.
    Move Down – reorder your Master Pages by moving the selected Master Page down.

    Tip: From the Page Manager, drag your Master Pages into place to reorder them.

  • Adding Menus to your Master Page

    Please check out the video below: