• Using Page Groups

    Pages are a group of multiple pages that you can place inside a Master Page: they allow you to place a lot of content on just one Master Page. The result is smoother transitions from Page to Page and a website with a more professional look. You can add Pages to each Master Page of your site to organize your content and to create a more user-friendly website.

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  • Using Master Pages

    The Master Page provides a framework for your website - it contains your background, menus and Pages. Most websites can be built with one Master Page that contains dynamic Pages within it. Adding and using Master Pages is an advanced feature, however there are times when you may want to add additional Master Pages.

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  • Using Drop Down Menus

    *NEW!* You can now add drop down menus for your Pages so that your visitors can easily navigate your website. Read more here.

  • Using Menus

    You can add menus for your Master Pages and Pages so that users can easily navigate your website.

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  • Using Buttons

    You can create, add and customize individual buttons and then link them to external URLs, to other pages within your Wix site, to e-mail addresses, and more. You can also easily transform text, pictures, shapes and many other components on your site into buttons!

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  • Deep Linking Pages

    Wix recently introduced a new feature called Deep Linking. The browser address line (URL) now changes as people browse through your website, just as it changes in standard HTML sites. This feature allows you and your visitors to directly link to specific Pages, photos in a gallery, eCommerce products and Master Pages inside your Wix website.

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  • Using Areas

    “Areas” are cool & clever building blocks that can help you easily lay out your site in seconds. Areas are easy to use, sticky and everything that you add to an area masks to it. They are also fully customizable. Play around with Areas or read more here.