• Overview

    You can easily add pictures to your Wix creation. Your options include uploading your own pictures and adding pictures from our royalty free database.
    Watch our video tutorial and check out our full instructions below!

  • Uploading a Picture

    To upload a picture:
    1. In the Editor, go to My Files, then click Pics.
    2. From the Pics Gallery, click Upload.

    3. From the Select File window, select your picture. Click Open.

    Your file uploads to Wix.
    Note: you can only upload .jpg, .png, .gif & .swf files up to 5MB

    For more information about SWF files, click here.

  • Adding a Picture

    To add a picture:
    1. In the Editor, go to My Files, then click Pics.
    2. From the Pics Gallery, select My Pics, Wix, or Community and search for a picture.

    3. Click on a picture.
    Your picture opens in the Wix Editor.

  • Other Picture Customization Options

    Once you have added a picture to your site, you can customize it by clicking on the picture and choosing options from the property panel that appears on the right. The property panel gives you many options for customizing your pictures. Below you will find a list of these options.

    Feel free to experiment with these picture options to find the look that suits you!

    Replace – easily Replace your picture with another.
    Frames – choose a frame for your picture.
    Settings – set the Transparency of your picture and change the Image Mode to Auto Crop, Stretch, Manual Crop or Tile.
    Link – link your picture to an external URL, a Page of your Wix site, or an e-mail address.
    Effects, Behaviors and Animations – allow you to add various special effects to your pictures.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I keep the quality of my images while not affecting loading time?
    For information about improving the quality of your images, click here.

    I upload photos and they show up black/dark green. Why?
    It's a color profile issue - You should change the color profile to generic RGB and not Nikon RGB.
    The Nikon color guide has to be disabled .You need to change the settings using photoshop before uploding the pictures to Wix.

    When I upload photos to Wix, I get Error 2035. What can I do?

    Error 2035 is temporary connection problem to our servers.
    Please try to upload the picture again and if it doesn’t work – please contact us.

    Why do the Photos on my site first appear in low resolution?
    This is designed so your pages will upload faster, and it takes a few seconds for the better version of the pic to load.
    If the quality of your pictures doesn’t improve after a short time, please contact us with the URL of the document (you can find the URL when you View your page).

    How do I upload a transparent GIF to Wix?

    It's simple - save your transparent .gif as a transparent PNG.

    How do I turn a picture into a linked button?
    To make a picture into a linked button:
    1. Click on the picture to select it.
    2. On the right, from the Photo property panel, click Link.
    3. From the Link window, select URL, Page or e-mail. Fill in the fields.

    4. Click OK.
    Your picture is now a button.

    For more information on linking Buttons, click here.

    How can I optimize my pictures for search engines?
    Images that you add to your Wix site can be found by image search engines such as Google Image Search. This means that you can drive traffic to your site with your images! Artists, photographers and other image-heavy users will find this very useful.
    To improve your image SEO:
    1. Save your images with names that include tags and keywords that are relevant to your site and its content.
    2. Upload your images to Wix. (Wix adds your image file names to your site’s source code.)
    Your images are now optimized for search engines!
    Find out more on optimizing your Wix sites for search engines here

    Can I use the Wix pictures?
    The Wix pictures, under the Wix tab, are royalty free photos for your convenience. You can use any of these photos without breaking any international copyright laws. If you choose to use pictures from external URL's, you will have to contact the author for permission to use them in your site as these images are not owned by Wix.
    For more information on Copyrights, Terms & Conditions and Security, click here.
    For more information on adding your pictures to Galleries, click here.

    Can I protect my photos from being copied from the web?
    Since Wix is Flash-based no one can copy or save your pictures. (The right clicking doesn't give users the option of downloading). Downloading and copying items from your page is impossible.
    Users can use the "Print Screen" option while viewing your site but that is true for every site.
    For more information on Copyrights, Terms & Conditions and Security, click here.

    How can I find the exact size of an image before bringing it into the editor?
    For the best quality image, upload your image to the Wix Editor in the exact size that it will be viewed. Changing the size of the image within the Wix Editor may reduce the quality of your image.

    To determine the exact size that your image will be in the Wix Editor:
    1. In the Wix Editor, go to Add, and then go to Clip Art. Click Shapes.
    2. From the Shapes Gallery, click the Basic tab.
    3. From the Basic tab, click the Square.
    4. Resize the square to the size that you would like your image to be.
    5. Click on the square to select it. From the Arrange menu at the top of the Editor, click Transform.
    6. The width and height that you see here are the width and height of your square. These are the exact dimensions of your image.

    You now know what the dimensions of your image will be.

    How can I resize multiple images in Adobe Photoshop?
    Click here for instructions on resizing multiple images with Photoshop's Image Processor.