• Which music format does Wix support?

    Wix supports audio files in "stereo" mp3 format
    The size limit is 15MB / mp3 file.
    If your music file is not an mp3, please convert it to mp3.
    Please make sure that the file name contains only Latin characters and has an .mp3 suffix.
    Also please check that your channel is set to "Stereo" instead of "Mono". Please note that Flash currently doesn't support "Mono" files.

  • I Can't upload Music/ Music file doesn't work

    There could be several reasons:

    • You have not uploaded your music as a .MP3 file.
    • Your file size is larger than 15MB / .MP3 file.
    • The file name contains non-Latin characters or doesn't have a .mp3 ending.

    If it still doesn't play, there might be a problem with the coding of the file.
    Note: Wix only supports "stereo" .MP3 files.
    If your MP3s are getting cut off, please follow this link.

    • Failed to upload due to server error.

    Your .mp3 file might fail to upload if it doesn't have an id3 tag. In this case, please follow these steps to add an id3 tag:
    Note: you will need to have itunes installed in your computer. To do so download it here .
    1) Open Itunes, click on "File" > add file to library and add the specific File.

    2) Right click the file and choose Convert ID3 Tags.

    3) Make sure ID3 tag is checked and choose version 2.4 . Click OK.

    4) Copy the File from your Itunes List and paste it on your Computer. After that, upload it to Wix (or upload it directly from your Itunes Folder)

    That's it!

  • How to convert Mono MP3 to Stereo

    There are several free audio editors for converting a "mono" .MP3 file to "stereo".
    Here is an easy way to convert your .MP3 file to stereo:
    1. Go here & download WavePad for free
    2. Open your .MP3 file in WavePad

    3. Click on File > Save file as > Verify that the "save as" file is .MP3 > Click on "Save".
    4. Select "Stereo" under "Channel Encoding Mode"
    And click OK.

    5. Don't forget to upload your MP3 file to Wix again :)
    (Inside editor: Go to Media > Music > Upload)

  • What is the size of the MP3 that I can upload to Wix?

    You can upload up to 15 MB .
    If your file exceeds the size limitation, consider re-compressing it in a lower data rate or if possible, splitting it into several smaller files.

  • How can I play continuous music on my site?

    When you want to play music continuously, you need to use Pages and place the music player outside of the Page (on the Master Page).
    Since only the Pages transition within Master Pages, your music player will not be affected and will keep on playing.
    Make sure that you set the music player to play automatically by clicking the music player to select it and then clicking Settings from the property panel on the right and choosing Auto Play

    For more information about Pages, click here.

  • How can I set the music to start automatically?

    1. Click on the music player to select it.
    2. From the property panel on the right, click Settings.
    3. Checkmark Auto Play.

  • Help! I can't find my music player

    Usually this is because your player is set to transparent.
    Open your document in the Wix editor and try and remember where you put it.
    Then click in that area and when you click on the transparent player > its property panel will appear on the right
    Go to Settings > Set Transparency to anything greater than 0
    Now click on the player and click X - delete it. 

  • Can I upload songs that are not mine to my Wix site?

    Under the Wix.com Terms of Use you undertake not to upload, post, email, transmit, or otherwise make available any content that might infringe third party's intellectual property rights. In case a claim would be made concerning such misuse, Wix will remove all such infringing content.
    For more information about Copyrights, Terms & Conditions and Security click here .

  • Why are my MP3s getting cut off?

    The standard bit rate for mp3 files on the internet is 160kbps. The maximum available size for mp3 files in general is 320kbps and this size will work well for home use but not for the internet.
    Please ensure that your MP3 files are saved at a maximum bit rate of 160kbps and not higher.

  • How can I link my picture to my music player?

    You can set up your music player to start playing automatically when a user clicks on an image.

    To do so:
    1. From your Wix Editor, go to Add, then go to Page Parts and click Page Groups.
    2. Delete the instructions from the first Page of the Page Group.
    3. Leave the first Page blank. Add your music player to the second Page. Delete the third Page.
    4. Click on your music player to select it.
    5. From the MP3 Player property panel on the right, click Settings. Checkmark the box next to Auto Play. Click X to exit the Settings window.
    6. Click on your image. From the Photo property panel on the right, click Link.
    7. From the Link window, under the Page tab, click Select Page.
    8. Select the second Page of the Page Group that you created above. Click OK.
    When a user clicks on your image, your music player will automatically appear and begin playing.