• Overview

    Share your online pinboard with your site visitors!

  • Copying the Pinterest Follow Button Embed Code

    To copy the Pinterest embed code:

    1. Click here to go to the Pinterest widgets page.
    2. Under "Follow Button" for Websites, click a button design.

    3. From the right of the button design, copy the embed code.

    You are now ready to add your embed code to your Wix site.

    Note: You will be making some slight modifications in the Editor to the embed code. See more in the section below.

  • Adding the Pinterest Follow Button to Your Site

    To add the Pinterest Follow button to your site:

    1. In the Wix Editor, roll over Add and then go to Widgets. Under Widgets, click HTML.
    2. From the HTML Gallery, click Blank HTML. Your HTML Widget appears on your site.
    3. Click on the HTML Widget to select it.
    4. From the HTML Widget Property Panel on the right of the Editor, click Settings.
    5. In the Add HTML window, under Insert HTML code, paste the embed code from Step 3 above.
    6. In the code, change USERNAME to your Pinterest user name.
    7. Add the code target="_blank" after <a and before href=

    8. Click OK.

    Your Pinterest Follow button is set up!

  • Known Issues & Limitations

    Please click here for more information about our HTML Widget including our list of known issues and limitations as well as our HTML Widget Beta Terms and Conditions.