• Overview

    You can easily share your Google Calendar with your users by embedding your Google Calendar into the HTML Widget. To do so, you will first have to copy the embed code from your Google Calendar and then add it to your HTML Widget in the Wix Editor. Follow the instructions below or watch the video to find out how!

  • Copying the Google Calendar Embed Code

    To copy your Google Calendar embed code:
    1. Sign into your Gmail account and click Calendar from the top menu to access your Google Calendar.
    2. Under My calendars, click on the drop-down menu arrow next to your calendar.
    3. From the drop-down menu, click Calendar Settings.
    4. Next to Calendar Address, click the HTML icon.
    5. In the Calendar Address window, click configuration tool. An Embeddable Calendar Helper opens.
    6. From the left of the screen, customize your calendar. Click Update HTML.
    7. Copy the embed code.
    You are now ready to add your embed code to your Wix site.

  • Adding Google Calendar to Your Wix Site

    To add Google Calendar to your Wix site:
    1. In the Wix Editor, go to Add and then go to Widgets. Under Widgets, click HTML.
    2. From the HTML Gallery, click Google Calendar. Your HTML Widget appears on your site.
    3. Click on the HTML Widget to select it.
    4. From the HTML Widget Property Panel on the right of the Editor, click Settings.
    5. In the Add HTML window, under Insert HTML code, paste the embed code from Step 7 above, in the Copying the Google Calendar Embed Code section.
    6. Click OK.
    Your Google Calendar is set up!
    For more information about Google Calendar, click here.
    Your visitors will be required to log into a Gmail account to view your calendar unless you have set your Google Calendar to public (Google Calendar > My calendars > drop-down menu arrow > Share this Calendar).
    You will not be able to preview your HTML Widget in Preview Mode. You will only be able to view your HTML Widget on your published site. For more information, click here.

  • Known Issues & Limitations

    Please click here for more information about our HTML Widget including our list of known issues and limitations as well as our HTML Widget Beta Terms and Conditions.