• Overview

    The Wix HTML Widget allows you to add and edit your own HTML code into your Wix creations.

    The Wix HTML Widget is currently in Beta.

  • Understanding the Terms of Use for the HTML Widget

    Please read the following terms of use for the HTML Widget:

    1. Wix does not offer support related to the HTML Widget.
    Wix is a Flash platform and we offer support directly related to our product. By adding external HTML code you are adding products and code that we have not created or tested. Therefore our Support team cannot answer any questions concerning HTML.
    We have created some basic instructions for you as well as help and videos about adding HTML to your Wix. You can also post your questions here.

    2. If you are using the HTML Widget to make a profit, you must upgrade your site to a Premium package (Combo/Unlimited/Ecommerce).
    If you are using the HTML to make a direct profit (by selling your products through your website with the HTML Widget, for example), you must upgrade to at least a Combo Premium package.
    For more information about upgrading, click here.

    3. The HTML Widget can only be used on sites that are correctly connected to the Wix servers.
    The HTML Widget will not function on embedded sites; this includes sites that are embedded to Facebook or other Social Networks.

    4. The HTML Widget is subject to Wix’s general Terms of Use.

  • Adding an HTML Widget

    To add the HTML Widget:

    1. In the Editor, go to Add and then go to Widgets.
    2. Under Widgets, click HTML.
    3. From the Widget Gallery, click an HTML Widget.

    Your HTML Widget appears on your site.

  • Editing an HTML Widget

    To edit an HTML Widget:

    1. Click on the HTML Widget to select it.
    2. From the HTML Widget Property Panel on the right of the Editor, click Settings.
    3. In the Add HTML window, under Insert HTML code, enter the embed code.

    4. Next to Width and Height, enter the dimensions of your widget.
    If you don’t know the widget’s dimensions, look inside the HTML code for width="XX" and height="XX”. The numbers in the place of XX indicate the width and height of the widget.

    5. Click OK.

    Your HTML Widget is set up!
    You can go back into your Editor to edit the code and settings of your HTML Widget at anytime.

  • Previewing Your HTML Widget

    You will not be able to preview your HTML Widget in Preview Mode. You will only be able to view your HTML Widget on your published site.

    To preview your HTML Widget:

    1. From the top menu of the Editor, click Save or Publish.
    2. Follow the prompts to save or publish your site.
    For more information about Publishing, click here.
    3. Visit your site online.

    You can find your Wix URL by going to Settings > General > Site Address. For more information about Settings, click here.

    Your HTML Widget appears on your online site.

  • Wix-Tested HTML Widgets

    The following HTML Widgets are available through Wix. We have checked them for errors and have readjusted the HTML box to properly accommodate them. Click on the links below for more details:

        * Blank widget (instructions above)
        * Facebook Like button
        * GameTreat
        * Getonic
        * Google Calendar
        * Google +1
        * Komoona Ads
        * LinkedIn
        * Meebo Me
        * Nabble Forum
        * Polldaddy poll
        * StatCounter
        * Tungle Scheduler
        * Tweet Button
        * Twitter widgets
        * vCita
        * Vimeo
        * Wufoo Form
        * Xat Chatroom

  • Understanding the Known Issues and Limitations of the HTML Widget

    1. The HTML Widget will always appear on top of all other components. Any content that appears beneath the Widget, even if it is visible, will not be accessible. This includes any content that has links or other behaviors attached to it.

    2. If you have an AZERTY keyboard, it will not function correctly on any Master Page that contains the HTML Widget. This is an Adobe Flash bug. In addition, if you have a Comment or Contact Form Widget on a page with an HTML Widget, any of your users with AZERTY keyboards will also have issues. The solution for this issue is to place your HTML Widget on a separate Master Page.

    NOTE: An AZERTY keyboard is a keyboard where the letters in the tops row spell AZERTY. Most users have QWERTY keyboard and will be unaffected by this Adobe Flash bug. For more information about AZERTY keyboards, click here.

    3. The HTML Widget cannot be rotated. Even if you have rotated the HTML Widget in your Editor, it will not appear rotated when you view your site.

    4. Test your HTML Widget on several different browsers. The HTML Widget’s look may differ from browser to browser.

    5. Publish your site by using the True Size Viewing Mode instead of Best Fit. If you publish your site using Best Fit, your HTML Widget’s look may differ from screen size to screen size. For more information on Viewing Mode, click here.

    6. When you zoom into your site with your browser (Ctrl + for zoom in and Ctrl – for zoom out), the HTML component may change its position. This is a bug that we are working on.

    7. When adding a link: To open an HTML link in a new window, use the following code and replace “your link” with your link: <a href="[your link]" target="_blank">

    To open an HTML link in the same window, use the following code and replace “your link” with your link: <a href="[your link]" target="_top">

    8. The HTML component is not supported by transitions. If you add the HTML component to a Page, the Pages themselves will still turn, however the HTML component will pop up at the end of the Page transition without any effects. Our recommendation would be to test out the HTML component on your live site to make sure that it appears correctly. Note: Carousel, Cover Flow and Book Pages are not recommended for use with the HTML component.

    9. If your embedded PayPal button does not work on Internet Explorer, use the following workaround:

    Replace this first line of the embed code of your PayPal button -

    <form action="https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr"method="post">

    With this line -

    <form action="https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr"method="post" target="_top" >

    10. The HTML Widget will not function on embedded sites; this includes sites that are embedded to most Social Networks.