• Setting up your Website as a Facebook Application

    In order to use the Facebook Comment Widget you must first set your website as a Facebook "application". You can set up your website as a Facebook “application” which provides you with an Application ID, this application ID can be used in order to integrate your website into Facebook’s Open Graph, this presents you with substantial benefits including adding Facebook’s Social Plugins to your website.

    Installing the Facebook Developer Application
    The first step in creating an application in Facebook is to install the Facebook Developer application. To do that, log in to Facebook and then visit the following link.
    If this is the first time you’ve installed the Developer Application, you will see the Request for Permission dialog show below:

    Click the Allow button to proceed.

    Creating the Facebook Application for your Website
    Now that you have the Developer App installed, click on the Create New App button.

    Give your application an “App Display Name” (the name displayed to users).
    For purposes of this tutorial, you don’t need to have a “Namespace”.
    You will have to click the “I agree to Facebook Platform Policies” box ->then click the Continue button.

    On the next screen, enter the security phrase and then click Submit.

    The Settings Tab
    This is where you do the basic set up for your app.
    For the purposes of this tutorial, you need to concern yourself only with the Basic Settings which will suffice for setting up your website as an application in order to get an App ID.

    Your App ID is the value you’ll be using to integrate your website with Facebook’s APIs so you can add the Social Plugins (Like Button, Send Button, Comments Box, etc.).
    For the purposes of this tutorial, you won’t need your “App Secret” value.

    Second, notice the “edit icon” below the App Secret. You do not need to add an icon. If your website has a favicon, it will be displayed next to your site’s URL in Facebook Insights.
    Basic info:

    • App Display Name: Make this the same as the original value you have provided;
    • App Namespace: Leave blank;
    • Contact Email: Where you want Facebook to send emails regarding your app;
    • App Domain: just put “mydomain.com” where “mydomain.com” is your website’s domain URL (TLD);
    • Category: Select a category from the pulldown list (optional).
    • Cloud services

    This is not applicable for a “website” Facebook application.
    Select how your App integrates with Facebook
    It’s here where you tell Facebook that your App is a website or blog.

    Once you’ve filled in your website or blog URL, click the “Save Changes” button and you’re done!

    Your website is now an “object” in Facebook’s Open Graph, with its own App ID.

  • Adding a Facebook Comment Widget

    Adding a Facebook Comment Widget to Your Wix Website:

    1. Access the Wix editor and Click on Settings (top bar) -> Extras -> Fill in your Facebook user name.

    If you don’t know what your Facebook user name is or don’t have one, please click here.
    2. Click OK once you added your Facebook user name.
    3. Click on Add -> Widgets -> HTML -> Select Blank HTML

    4. Drag and drop your Blank HTML widget into the specific page you would like to have the comment widget on, once you drag the widget to the correct page an Icon with ‘Drop Here’ will be shown and the page will be turn slightly yellow.

    5. Left click on the HTML Widget -> click on Settings

    6. The Add HTML window will pop up

    7. Now, we are ready to generate the Facebook Comments code, Leave the Wix editor open, and click on the following link.

    8. Start filling in your data within the following box

    9. Enter your site URL, The number of posts to display by default, the plugin width and the Color Scheme.
    Light Version:

    Dark Version:

    10. Click on the  button.
    11. You will see the following screen, make sure to choose the HTML 5 tab –

    12. Since Facebook comments don’t support the IFRAME method, you will have to follow the steps above to set up your site as a Facebook "application.
    13. Once you have created a Facebook App, please choose the App, from the App list.

    14. Copy the first code and then the second from the Get Code window to the HTML widget box on your Wix editor, Make sure to Enable the Scrollbars and change the HTML widget Width to the one you setup with the Comment code. The Height controls the Height size of the widget within your live site.

    15. Click OK and Publish your site.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I delete a comment?

    You can hide comments from your comments widget by using the Moderator View:

    Note: You will be able to see the Moderator View only if you entered your Facebook user name correctly.
    Mark the post you wish to hide.

    And then click on the Hide button:

    I entered the Facebook user name correctly but I still don’t see the Moderator View option and can’t hide some comments

    Sometimes, Facebook requires the Admin user name to Like the URL in order to confirm the Admin request, please use the following link.

    Enter the same URL you entered for your comment box, and click on the Like button.
    If you set up the Facebook admin correctly and don’t see the Moderator View within your live site.

    Please use the following link.
    Enter your site URL, and you will be able to see the Moderator view.