• Creating an eCommerce Online Store

    With the Wix Online Store you can turn your Wix website into an online shop in minutes. It's simple, the results are beautiful and we don't take a cent of your sales!

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  • Add to Cart Button

    You can use an Add to Cart button to turn any object on your page into a product that a user may purchase! This also allows you to provide users with several shipping options or product options.

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  • Upgrading Your Site to eCommerce

    The eCommerce Online Store is a feature specific to the eCommerce upgrade package. To use the eCommerce Online Store, you will need to upgrade your document to the eCommerce Monthly or Yearly package.

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  • Online Store FAQs

    Click here for the most common questions about the online store.

  • PayPal Buttons

    You can easily add PayPal buttons and Donate buttons to your Wix site.

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  • Webiz Products

    Add the Webiz element, choose products to add to your site and set your selling price. When a product is sold, you will get the margin between the buying and selling price.

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