Choosing a template from 100's of beautiful designs

  • Overview

    A template is a predeveloped website layout. Our Wix designers have created real websites so that all you need to do is change the content to make them your own. Our templates are a great way for users to get started.

  • Choosing a Template

    First you will need to choose a template from the Templates section of the Wix website.

    To choose a template:

    1. Go to

    2. From the top menu, click Templates.

    On the left side of the Templates page, you will see the categories that we have set up for you. This will help you find a template that most closely matches your needs.

    3. From the left side of the Templates page, click a Category and browse through our templates.

    4. Once you find a design that you like, roll over the template.

    5. Click Edit to open the template in your Editor.

    Your template opens in the Wix editor. Now you can customize its content!

    You may choose to View a template or to Edit the template. View opens up the template on a web page and allows you to explore it further. Edit opens up the template in your Editor and gives you full control and access to change it, add to it, or delete items.

    Get help from inside the Wix editor! Simply click on the    in the Wix editor to visit our Help Center.

  • Editing a Template

    Once you have chosen a template and opened it up in your Editor, you can begin to transform it and add your own content into it. You can delete, edit or add any content that you wish to the template. The template is simply a starting point and you can manipulate its contents in any way that you see fit.

    Staying Inside Your Site Border

    The white border in the Editor that surrounds your content is your site border. It is important to keep all of your content inside this page border. Anything outside of it will not be visible in Preview mode or on your live site.

    If your page is too small or too big, you can change the dimensions of the site or the way that users view your site in their browser.

    For more information about changing your site’s dimensions and viewing mode, click here.

    Managing Your Pages

    In your Editor on the right, you will see the Page Manager. There are two types of pages on your site: Master Pages and Pages. The Page Manager lists and organizes all of your Master Pages and Pages. To open up one of your pages and display it in your Editor, simply click on the page from the Page Manager on the right.

    Pages are a group of multiple pages that you can place inside a Master Page: they allow you to place a lot of content on just one Master Page. This allows for much smoother transitions when users navigate from Page to Page and gives your website a professional look and improved interface.

    Designing your site with Pages allows you to create a unique website where your background and menus remain static while the content changes within. This has the advantage of making your site transitions appear much smoother. A static background also allows you to play music continuously as people navigate your site.

    For more information about Pages, click here.

    Navigating Through Pages

    Navigating Master Pages and Pages can be done through the Page Manager - by simply clicking on the page from the Page Manager on the right.. In addition, you can also navigate your Pages by clicking on the left and right navigational arrows located on top of your selected Page.

    Adding an Item

    To the left of the Editor, you will find our Add Bar. You can use the Add Bar to add different items to your site. Each category in the Add Bar expands to display a menu of available items. Each item in the menu expands further into the different styles that are available for a selected item. For a detailed list of available items, see the Add Bar Index. Explore the Add Bar by adding an item to your document.

    To add an item:

    1. Go to Add, then roll over a category in the Add Bar.

    2. From the menu that opens, click an item.

    3. From that item’s gallery, click a style.

    Your new item appears on your site.

    Editing an Item

    Once you select an item from the Add Bar, or click on an item that’s already in your template, you will be able to fully customize it.

    Clicking on an item within your Editor activates that item’s property panel and displays it on the right of your Editor. Each item that you select will have a different set of available editable properties.

    You will also be able to resize, rotate and arrange an item within your site.

    Editing an Item by Using the Property Panel

    To edit an item by using the property panel:

    1. Click on the item.

    2. From the property panel that appears on the right of the Editor, click a property.

    3. From the property window that opens, edit the settings of that property.

    4. Click OK (if available) or the X to apply the changes.

    Your item’s property settings change.

    For further details about an individual item’s property panel, visit the pages listed in the Add Bar Index below.

    Resizing an Item

    To resize an item:

    1. Click on the item to select it.

    2. Click and hold a resize square and drag it into place.

    3. Repeat with the other resize squares.

    Your item’s size changes.

    Rotating an Item

    To rotate an item:

    1. Click on the item to select it.

    2. Click and hold the rotating arrow on the upper right corner of your item and drag it into place.

    Your item rotates.

    Arranging an Item

    To arrange an item:

    1. Click on the item to select it.

    2. From the top menu, click Arrange.

    3. From the Arrange menu, click an option.

    Your item moves backwards or forwards.

    Replacing Template Backgrounds

    You can replace all of the backgrounds in the template that you have chosen. You can replace the browser background, the Master Page background and the Page background. Choose background colors or pictures that matches your website’s content.

    Replacing Your Page Background

    To replace your Page background:

    1. Click on the Page to select it.

    2. On the right, from the Page Group property panel, click Skins.

    3. From the Skins window, click a skin.

    Your Page background changes.

    For more information on Pages, click here.

    Replacing Your Master Page Background

    To replace your Master Page background:

    1. From the left of the Editor. go to Background, click Master Page.

    2. From the Background Gallery, browse through the backgrounds.

    3. Click a background to select it.

    You Master Page background changes.

    For more information about backgrounds, click here.

    Replacing Your Browser Background

    To replace your browser background:

    1. From the left of the Editor, go to Background, click Site.

    2. From the Fill Picker that opens, click a new color. Click Close then click OK.

    Your browser background changes.

    Tip: If you know the HTML# of your color you can type it directly into the box.

    For more information on Editor Settings, click here.

    Replacing Menu Titles

    You can easily replace your template’s menu titles to reflect the names of your new Pages. To do so, you will need to rename the actual pages. Renaming your pages ensures that any other menus that you add will automatically reflect your page titles.

    To replace your menu titles:

    1. From the Page Manager to the right of your Editor, rollover a Page and click the drop-down arrow that appears.

    2. From the drop-down menu, click Rename.

    3. In the field, type in your new page name.

    You menu titles change to reflect your renamed Pages.

    For more information about Menus, click here.

    Replacing Text in a Template

    You can easily edit or delete all of the text in your template! The two sections below will provide you with more information on how to delete and edit text.

    Editing Text in a Template

    You can easily edit the titles and paragraphs provided with your template.

    To edit text in a template:

    1. Double-click the title or paragraph to edit the text.

    2. From the text box, delete and type in your own text.

    The text in your template changes.

    Deleting Text in a Template

    If you would like to completely remove a title or paragraph, you can simply delete the entire text box!

    To delete text in a template:

    1. Click on the title or paragraph to select it.

    2. Press Delete on your keyboard.

    Your text box disappears.

    For more information on Text, click here.

    Replacing Pictures in a Template

    You can easily edit all of the pictures provided with your template! Some of the pictures in your template are stand-alone pictures and some of the pictures are located within a Picture Gallery. Follow the instructions below to learn how to replace the pictures in both cases.

    Replacing an Individual Picture

    To replace an individual picture:

    1. Click on the picture to select it.

    2. On the right, from the Photo property panel, click Replace.

    3. From the Pics window, browse through the pictures or upload your own.

    4. Click on a picture to add it to your page.

    The picture that you have selected replaces the template picture.

    For more information on adding and uploading pictures, click here.

    Replacing Pictures in a Picture Gallery

    To replace the pictures in a picture gallery:

    1. Click on the gallery to select it.

    2. On the right, from the Gallery property panel, click Manage.

    3. From the Manage Photos window, click Delete All.

    4. From the confirmation box that appears, click Yes.

    5. From the Manage Photos window, click Add Photo.

    6. From the Pics window, browse through the pictures or upload your own.

    7. Click on the pictures to add them to your gallery.

    8. When you are finished, click the X.

    9. From the Manage Photos window, click OK.

    Your pictures replace the template pictures in the gallery.

    For more information on Picture Galleries, click here.

    Add Bar Index

    All of our items are categorized and easy to find. Below you will find a list of the items available to you. For further details and tutorials about the different items, click on the links within the list.

    Our items include:

    Text: add Titles and Paragraphs

    Pics: add pictures from Wix, the Community or upload your own!

    Galleries: add various styles of photo galleries to your site.

    Music & Video: add music and video to your site!

    Clip Art: add Shapes, Clip Art, Lines, Video Effects, Animations and Icons to your site.

    Page Parts: this category includes features that make your website more dynamic. Features include: Areas and Page Groups.

    Navigation: add Menus, Buttons and Controllers.

    Widgets: add RSS feeds, enable Comments, add Contact Forms, Google Maps and HTML code to you site.

    eCommerce: add eCommerce features to your site! These include PayPal Buttons and an Online Store*!

    *The Online Store is an eCommerce Premium package feature. You can try it out for free in the Wix Editor but to start selling you'll need to upgrade to the Wix eCommerce package. For upgrading instructions, click here.

  • Publishing Your Site

    Now that you have edited your template and made it your own, you are ready to publish and view your website online! You will have to save your site before you can publish it. You can also preview your site to make sure that it looks the way that you want it to.

    You will only have to publish your site once. Once you have published your site, you only need to click on Save and your site will be updated automatically.

    Previewing Your Site

    To preview your site, click Preview from the top menu of the Editor.

    You will now be able to browse through your site as if it is online.

    To go back to your Editor, click Back to Editing from the top of the Preview screen.

    Saving Your Site

    Save your site often to make sure that you don’t lose any updates! The first time that you save you will have to name your site. The site name appears in the free Wix URL so be sure to choose an appropriate name. Once your site has a name, you will only have to click Save to save your changes.

    To save your site:

    1. From the top menu of the Editor, click Save.

    2. In the Save As box, type in a name for your Wix site.

    3. Click OK.

    Your Wix is now saved.

    Publishing Your Site

    To publish your site:

    1. From the top menu of the Editor, click Publish.

    2. From the Publish window, click Publish.

    3. From the Congratulations window, click Go next to your site address.

    Your site now appears online.

    There are many ways to enhance your published site. Check out the links below for more details:

        Remove the Wix ads from your site

        Connect your own domain to your Wix site

        Add your own favicon to your site

        Learn how to improve your site’s standing in search engines

        Use Google Analytics to track your users

  • Upgrading Your Site

    At Wix, you can create a free Flash website - that means free, you can upload your pictures at no cost, design it however you like and publish it. The structure of a free Wix URL is:

    If you would like to remove the Wix ads in the footer and tags, use your own domain or add an Online Store, then you can upgrade your account and pay for a monthly or yearly contract. You can do that at anytime - you can start out free and get a premium account later, or you can stay with a free site.

    For more information about our different packages, check out our page here.

    To upgrade your site:

    1. From the top menu of the Editor, click Upgrade.

    2. Underneath the package of your choice, click to select it.

    3. Click Buy Now and follow the prompts to complete your purchase.

    Your upgrade features are now fully functional!